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Making bread from scratch can be an enjoyable, intimate process — it’s certainly much tastier than store-bought. If you are looking for a fun and creative way to make bread without all the traditional ingredients, look no further: Little Alchemy is here to help. With its wide selection of elements and simple structure, crafting dough into delicious home-made bread couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re already an expert chef or just getting started, this guide will teach you how to make bread in Little Alchemy with detailed instructions sure to have your mouth watering.

What is Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy is an engaging and captivating game where you begin with four basic elements: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. By combining these elements through intuitive drag-and-drop actions, you can create new elements. It is important to note that there are multiple ways to create each element, allowing for endless possibilities in the game.

Understanding the Little Alchemy
Understanding the Little Alchemy

How does Little Alchemy work?

Little Alchemy allows users to mix elements in order to discover new ones. To combine elements, select a second element and drop it on top of the first one. Drag the newly created element to the left side of the toolbar and place it on the element you want to combine it with.

Overview of the combination rules of bread in Little Alchemy

The combination rules for bread in Little Alchemy are simple and straightforward. To create bread, you need to combine four different elements: Flour, Water, Fire, and Bacteria. Drag and drop each element onto one another in any order to discover the final product – fresh homemade bread.

Different elements needed to craft bread in Little Alchemy

To make bread in Little Alchemy, you will need to combine three basic elements: Wheat, Water, and Air. These elements are easily obtainable by combining Earth with the other three core elements.

Elements needed on how to make bread in little alchemy
Elements needed on how to make bread in little alchemy
  • Wheat: Combine Seed and Soil to create Wheat.
  • Water: Combine Rain and Earth to create Water.
  • Air: Combine Earth and Air or combine Water and Air to create Air.

How to make dough in Little Alchemy?

To create dough in Little Alchemy:

  • Combine Flour and Water in Little Alchemy 1.
  • Combine Flour 2 and Water 2 in Little Alchemy 2.
  • Alternatively, combine Flour 2 with Puddle 2 or Rain 2 in Little Alchemy 2.

How to make bread in Little Alchemy?

To have bread in Little Alchemy, follow these steps on how to make bread in Little Alchemy:

  1. Combine dough with fire to create a first batch of bread.
  • Combine Dough and Fire in Little Alchemy 1.
  • In Little Alchemy 2, mix 2 Dough and 2 Fire together.
  • Alternatively, you can create bread in Little Alchemy 2 by combining 2 Dough and 2 Energy.
  1. Use the second batch of dough with fire again to make more bread.
  2. Additionally, mix the second batch of dough with energy to create even more bread.

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What can you make with bread in Little Alchemy?

Little Alchemy 1

Element Recipes
 Baker  Human + Bread
 Bakery  House + Bread
 Banana bread  Bread + Banana
 Hamburger  Meat + Bread
 Mold  Bread + Time
 Sandwich  Bread + Ham

Bread +  Cheese

Bread + Bacon

 Toast  Bread + Fire

Little Alchemy 2

Element Recipes
 Baker  Human + Bread
 Bakery  House +  Bread

City + Bread

Village + Bread

 Banana bread  Bread + Banana
 Cake  Bread + Sugar
 File:France.pngFranceFanon  CountryFanon + Bread
 Hamburger  Meat + Bread
 Mold  Bread + Time

Bread + Bacteria

 Pizza  Cheese + Bread
 Sandwich  Bread + Meat

Bread + Bacon

Bread + Ham

Bread + Cheese

Bread + Vegetable

 Toast  Bread + Fire
Things that making with bread in Little Alchemy
Things that making with bread in Little Alchemy

Shortcut ways to create bread without starting from scratch

If you don’t want to go through the process of creating each individual element, there are some shortcut ways to make bread in Little Alchemy. These include:

  • Combining Dough with Tree to create Wood.
  • Using Wheat and Fire together will also result in Bread.
  • Mixing Flour, Water, and Milk can also give you Bread as a final product.

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